Crystal Clear Bar/Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating For Wood or Crafts -1 Gallon Kit


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We are a family owned small business based out of Temecula California. Our main goal is to provide a quality product at a fair price and offer excellent customer service. IF YOU SEE OUR BRAND SELLING FOR $13 FROM SOMEONE ELSE THEN THAT ACCOUNT IS FRAUDULENT.

Please Note: This kit is one gallon in total. 1/2 gallon of Resin and 1/2 Gallon of Hardener. Resin weight is 4.10 pounds and the hardener weight is 3.14 pounds. This formula works great for a wide variety of applications. Easy mix at 1:1 ratio by volume, long work time, with great clarity and a high gloss finish. Cures rock hard and is scratch resistant. Excellent chemical and water resistance(s), coupled with superb mechanical properties, make this resin a candidate for all applications.

Perfect for tabletops, bar tops, jewelry/craft making, small castings (under 2″ thick with several 1/2 inch pours), some marine applications, pebble coatings and more.


  • Mix Ratio…………………..1:1 by volume
  • Work time ……………………..45-50 minutes (200gram mass)
  • Hardness……………………………D78
  • Mixed Viscosity……………………..1200cps.
  • Chemical Resistance…………….excellent
  • Moisture Resistance……………excellent
  • Product weight………………..8 pounds
  • Cure Times / Speed

    This product provides fast cure and property development at ambient and low temperatures without accelerators and allows for quick return to service. Typical work time on this item is roughly 45-50 minutes based on mass and temperature. Thin film set time (3mil. film) is roughly 5 hours at 78F. Fast cure and green time while exhibiting low exothermic temperatures (120C.) makes this product ideal for all applications. Full cure is 24 hours at normal conditions.

    This product cures to a brilliant high gloss finish. The finished product will be very rigid, smooth, clear, and display a brilliant high gloss finish similar to glass.

    Mixing, Storage, and Application

    Mix this resin 1:1 by volume using a measuring device. Precise Measurement Required. Do Not Pour Entire Bottles Together Without Measuring First. If mixing by weight, mix 100 parts of resin into 83 parts of hardener. When mixing this product, make sure to use a round cup & mix thoroughly scraping all sides and bottom of mixing container. Improperly mixed epoxy can create a major headache. Remember that thermoset plastics are temperature sensitive. Cold weather slows the cure process down, whereas heat speeds curing up. Always try to mix chemicals at room temperature. For best results, try pouring epoxy into hardener. Pour along the side of the container to help alleviate air entrapment. Mix for at least 3-5 minutes in a in a round motion until chemical are clear and free of striations. Allow the mixed components to stand in your mixed cup for at least 5 minutes. This allows for bubbles to rise to the surface. Small castings and potting units may take longer to cure than larger items. 1/2 inch pours are the maximum with this product. Not a deep pour product. And Again Do Not Just Pour the Two Bottles Together Without Measuring.

    This chemical needs to be stored in a dry, safe, temperature controlled environment. Always keep the lids tightly sealed when not in use. Remember, oxygen and moisture oxidize and can rapidly degrade the epoxy and hardener. Moisture is also a potential issue. Always keep the bottles sealed when not in use.

    When applying this product, use gloves, goggles, and proper safety equipment. Please refer to the safety data sheet before using any of our epoxy products.

    SHIPPING: Our warehouse ships items within 1 business day. We ship USPS and will forward all tracking information once your item has shipped. Please be advised that our normal business hours are Monday to Friday. USPS usually has 1-3 day transit.

    RETURNS: Our goal is to provide quality products and keep our customers happy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will issue you a full refund. We do ask that the buyer pays for return shipping.

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